St. Joseph




* Parish Members- $100

* Non-Members- $450 + $250 (deposit) ($450 includes $100 for clean up cost)

* Civic/Charitable Activities-$100


Church Activities: Rental of the Hall shall not interfere with church activities. However, we will honor our scheduled commitments.

At the present time, we do not rent the Hall to non-members of the Parish for money-making events.

Miscellaneous Policies:

* Deposit must be paid in advance to contract & reserve the hall.

* Rental Fee to be paid 30 days in advance of event.

* Deposit must be made with check or cash (Check will be deposited at the bank.)

* Rental of tables/chairs and other parish property for use by non-members of the parish is not allowed.

* Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Parish Council or Pastor.

* Responsibilities After Each Use

* All decorations, inside and out, must be removed.

* All trash, inside and out, must be picked up and removed. Beer cans/cigarette butts left in the area will be cause for some of the deposit to be forfeited.

* The floor must be swept, spills shall be mopped, and mop heads must be rinsed following any use.

* Tables and chairs must be cleaned. Ten tables with chairs shall be left set up as in the pictures above. Do not slide tables, lift them. Sitting on tables is strictly forbidden.

* The kitchen must be cleaned. Any appliance or utensils that are used shall be properly cleaned and returned to their appropriate areas. The kitchen floor must be swept and mopped.

* Bathrooms must be cleaned.

* Soda and beer kegs must be removed before 8:00 am the following day. Failure to do so will result in part of the deposit being forfeited.

* All lights must be turned off.

* All doors and windows must be left closed and locked.

* The key must be returned to the parish house or a member of the Parish Council by the designated time in the contract.

* The security deposit for alcohol served will be forfeited if any underage persons are found to be possessing alcohol at any time.

* Any damage to church property or neighbor's property must be reported immediately. Repair and/or compensation for the damages is required.

* All vehicles removed from the premises and parking lot.




To reserve the Parish Hall, contact:

Pam Flaspohler


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